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Voles Plotting by ionen Voles Plotting by ionen
Another commission for

Color version coming soon.

Was actually a bit of fun working on him... it makes me want to draw guys more often. You know, interesting ones, instead of just bishi-clones.
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JohnnyDynamo Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2007
spectacular. He's definitely up to something. Love the gauntlets especially. And amen on the no more bishi-clones! Charachters should have more.... Charachter. Anyway, good work.
Shuanishu Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2007
Draw guys more often!
Forsaken2544 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
I am a big fan of the way this piece turned out. I don't think the legs are too long (in my opinion) because if you look where the knees are the seem to be in the right place. I think the illusion of the legs being so long is more because the belt is so high. (He is an older gentleman, so wearing his belt around his nipples would be the cliche ;) )

The outfit is great, and I like the combination of armor and the fabric attire. The gauntlets are great looking too, and go well with the armor on the shoulders.

I think the one crooked eyebrow is an interesting affectation, giving him a look of sondescending superiority. Though I cant tell if he is smiling, or that is just the shape of his lips. Small lips, with the teeth showing, or larger lips pressed together. It does look more like the smaller lips. Which makes me wonder: "What is he smiling about"
vividwings Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love his gauntlets. I really do. :) His legs look a bit long, though.
row Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
This is an awesome sketch with really nice details but his prportions seem a bit off. He has incredibly loooong looong legs. I do like the conceot design though.
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March 4, 2007
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